Manufacturing Process

Once the badge’s design has been finalised we manufacture a hardened steel die from which the badge blanks can be produced.  Using the die a hydraulic press stamps the badge blanks from copper sheets.

Next fittings are attached to the back of the blanks.

The copper blanks are they electroplated in the client’s colour choice – gold and silver are the most popular choices, but there is a vast array of different finishes to choose from.

The electroplated blanks are then individually coloured, once again to a customer’s requirements.  This is an extremely skilled application as each colour in the badge is hand applied, requiring great skill and patience.

The now coloured badges are either resin coated to give a domed glass effect, or are left in a finish termed “low bake”.

Once dry the badges must pass through a final quality control inspection before being individually packed and dispatched to the customer.