Welcome to Mayer & Toye. Wellington’s finest badge manufacturer.

Specialist manufacturers and suppliers of badges, medals, cups & trophies, awards and more!

Established in 1902 Mayer &  Toye has built a strong and proud manufacturing tradition, producing the very finest quality badges, medals, cups & trophies for thousands of professional organisations and clubs throughout New Zealand and the World.

If your organisation has been around for ‘a year or two’ chances are we already have your badge manufacturing die in stock and ready to use. We never throw our badge dies away and have over 14,000 customer dies in storage.

Whether you need a one off special order or a large manufacturing run, we can help.  We can even engrave your products with anything from unique serial numbers through to standardised or personalised messages.

Don’t have your own design yet? No problem. With over 100 years of badge manufacturing experience we can help turn your ideas into a unique design which will surpass your expectations. Then we’ll turn your design into reality, with time honoured craftsmanship and skill before shipping your items to you or anywhere in the world.

You will be astounded at how easy our design and manufacturing process is. We can’t wait to get started on your project – contact Mayer & Toye today.